Default Url Title for new pages in Composite C1

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I prefer to have my urls in lower case, even if ASP.NET seems to like capitals in the url. When you create a new page in Comosite C1, the url title for the page is automatically generated, based on the Page Title you specify. This makes for some nicely named urls that corresponds with the content of your page, but it also introduces a problem for me, as it preserves the casing from the title.

To overcome this I hook into Composite C1′s data events and format my page’s url title the way I prefer, just before adding it to the data store. This introduces two concerns, a developer should be aware of. read more »

Google sitemap for Composite C1 websites

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Maybe you are just getting started with Composite C1, a great free open source CMS on the .net platform, and are getting ready to deploy a new site. If so, don’t forget a sitemap that will help search engines crawl parts of your site, it otherwise wouldn’t have found.

Here is some simple code to easily get such a site map running on your Composite C1 site.

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Guide for Spotify and UltraVPN on Mac

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Spotify your mac

I’ve previously written a little guide, detailing how you can easily obtain a Spotify account without  an invite, and use it in countries where Spotify is not yet rolled out.

The little trick requires you to log on to a french VPN server, which has turned out to be a little trickier than it ought to be on Mac’s, so heres a guide on how to get that to work.

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Google Spell Checker

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This post has a great strait to the point break-down of what the google spell checker returns

Url with hash mark changing after partial postback

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So, here’s the deal: When entering a page with an anchor or hash mark (#) in the url like

doing a partail postback using an ASP.NET UpdatePanel will cause the content after the hash mark in the url to disappear, hence changing the url to something like

This odd behavoir recently gave me a very long night at work because it has a very unfortunate impact on pages using SWFAddress, a Flash/Javascript library that enables browser history and deep-linking in flash movies, through the use an anchor in the url, so in this post I’ll give you a few trics to make the url behave nicely. read more »

How to make Spotify work in your country

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You’ve probably already heard about how great a service Spotify is. If not, then get this: 4.000.000 tracks, freely available for your listening pleasure, all wrapped in a nice, light-weight iTunes like interface.

That sounds almost to good to be true, and in some countries like Denmark and the US, it unfortunately is. Due to a restrictive legislation, Spotify is unable to roll out their great service in many countries, but fear not. If you follow this simple guide you will be able to listen to Spotify, add-free and with no costs in any country. read more »