How to make Spotify work in your country

You’ve probably already heard about how great a service Spotify is. If not, then get this: 4.000.000 tracks, freely available for your listening pleasure, all wrapped in a nice, light-weight iTunes like interface.

That sounds almost to good to be true, and in some countries like Denmark and the US, it unfortunately is. Due to a restrictive legislation, Spotify is unable to roll out their great service in many countries, but fear not. If you follow this simple guide you will be able to listen to Spotify, add-free and with no costs in any country.

First, you need to create an account, but since Spotify is still in beta it’s not yet open for registration unless you have a Spotify Invite. That is where this page comes in (translated  by google here). Just follow the guide on the page, and you should be fine. Basically it’s web proxy, that makes it look to Spotify as is you were in Sweden, or some other country that Spotify accepts, and for some reason invites are not required. Should the service be down, you can always search google for recent articles about Spotify invites, they are usually being given out in limited numbers.

So now you have a Spotify account, and everything is good until in about 3 days, and Spotify will give you the message: “Your current locaion does not match that set in your profile. You may travel with Spotify, but only for 14 days”. That’s right, in 14 days you will be all out of Spotify.

This is ofcourse unless you are able to travel to a country where Spotify is allowed like, say, France, every 14 days, log in to your account to reset the count-down, and travel back home again. With UltraVPN you can (if you are on a Mac you might want to read my UltrVPN on Mac guide here before going ahead).

UltraVPN is a free VPN client, that logs you on to a server in France, thus giving you a french IP address. Now, when you log into your Spotify account, it will think you are in France, so now the only thing left to do, is to log into the Spotify website (while connected to UltraVPN), edit your account, and change your country to France. When prompted for a zip code, you can use this: 62002 or any other valid french zip code.

Now, while logged in to UltraVPN, log in to the Spotify application to automatically reset the counter, and you can again listen to free music for another 2-3 weeks. After that, just log in once again with UltraVPN connected.

  1. Jens says:

    Hey! Super nice guide! Gjorde sku lige min dag/uge/måned(?) meget bedre :D. Det er så sindsygt let, tog mig under 5min at gøre guiden igennem og det hele er jo “indsæt cool bandeord” nice!

    -tak :)

  2. Helmer says:

    Nice work man! Awesome guide! :)

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